Adventures at Pinecrest

Pinecrest was just the start of many adventures to come. I overcame a lot of fears on this trip; scaled a 12-15 ft boulder right above a rushing waterfall, climbing mountains and reached an elevation of 9,000, and for once just explored the beauty of the outdoors.

Some buddies and I climbed to the top of these mountains.

The only problem was I had minimal gear, and I realized how important having the right gear (doesn’t have to be the most expensive and up-to-date), just the right gear to make it in the mountains and anywhere else that’s off the grid.

Mr. J.B. himself leading the way!

I had no sleeping bag (it was freezing at night), not the proper shoes to climb so close to a waterfall (would of been better off barefoot), and I over packed which made my 30L North Face pack weigh almost 45 pounds. And on top of everything no water filter, but luckily someone in our group had one so we were definitely sharers on this trip.

So I hit the REI Anniversary sale and stocked up on things I knew I would use a lot for many seasons to come. Image


I cannot wait to take so many trips and get all this new gear dirty and broken in.

This is me at an elevation of about 9,000.

I just have to say thanks to all my friends for making this trip possible and opening my eyes to notice the things that’re truly important in life. I’m definitely looking forward to the many more adventures we take together.


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