Night Hike to Emigrant Wilderness

ct3A good buddy of mine and I headed up to Pinecrest one evening seeking a new adventure. We initially was going to go to any trailhead we saw off of Highway 4, but once we arrived in Copperopolis we got a Wi-Fi connection and stumbled upon the Emigrant Wilderness, found the trail head and headed to Crabtree Road right before the Cleo’s Bath trailhead turnoff. 

When you turn on Crabtree Road it may seem like you’re lost after driving 5 miles or so, but just keep going. Once you get to the horse stable area, you only have about another 5 miles to go until you make it to the trailhead. 

The walk there wasn’t bad at all. Only took us about an hour, considering it was our first trek there and it was at night with minimal lighting. We also kept stopping, turning our lights off, and just gazing at the stars. Once we got to what we thought was the lake, it was so dark we had to throw a rock towards where we thought it was to mct4ake sure we wouldn’t just walk into it, and it was the lake. We started looking for spots to camp. Couldn’t see much so we chose a spot nearby. 

Once morning came we were able to see the beauty surrounding us. I actually slept through the night because it wasn’t that cold at all. I was up first (as always) and I wandered the area, started a fire, set up my Primus and made some tea and blueberry oatmeal. As soon as my buddy Armando got up we went on a day hike to find some running water. After about a good hour of exploring we found it! We are always going off-trail, but for once we thought there was no trail and ended up finding it later which was a lot easier than fighting bushes. 

We relaxed in this little area and saw once fish in all the little pools of water, we were getting hungry so we thought it would be cool to make a spear and try to catch it, like as if we were living in the wild! So we take turns shaping the spear to get it just right while we keep an eye on the fish. ct1And once we got it just right we went for it. Armando used another stick to lure the fish from under the boulder, and I was going to spear it as soon as it came out. Well I didn’t think it would try to jump out of the water, I just thought it would calmly swim my way, and I got scared and almost fell backwards into the water and we waited and waited for the fish to show up again. But, we couldn’t find it. So we had some lunch (tuna out of the can on a slice of double fiber wheat bread, un-toasted) and it actually tasted pretty good considering how hungry we were. It was a nice secluded spot that we wish we would have found before setting up camp near the lakct5e. But we had and awesome time exploring the Emigrant Wilderness and all the beauty it had to offer. It’s definitely worth the drive there. I recommend trekking up in the daytime rather than a night hike unless you’re familiar with the area, I guess that goes for all trails really, just don’t forget to look up at the stars when the night rolls in. As far as wildlife, I didn’t see anything out there except a few big ants and some type of loud bird chirping at 6 o’clock in the morning. No bears, not to say there wont be, but we didn’t come across any, thankfully. The short hike up, makes this spot completely worth it. Maybe the next time up I’d go to a different trailhead for a longer trek there. But overall we had a blast! Can’t wait for the next adventure!


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