REI Bug Hut Pro 2 Tent

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“Made for adventure travelers and minimalist backpackers, the Bug Hut Pro 2 is a 2-person shelter that protects against flying insects—and now it offers extra protection from those critters!” (

Set-up: This set-up is as simple as it gets, and pops right up once both poles are stable. Less than five minutes to set-up in the day light and a little over five minutes during the night (holding a flashlight in my mouth because I forgot my headlamp).

Durability: It has a very strong design and with the short amount of time I had the tent (four backpacking trips of use – low winds) nothing ever malfunctioned. However, because I never tested in high winds or temps. below 40 degrees, you may want to check the product reviews on

Comfort: I never go on trips longer than a day without a sleeping pad, yoga mat, or some type of support so I’m not basically sleeping on rough terrain. But I loved how the floor of the tent was made out of coated nylon taffeta and how comfortable it was when I did relax in there without any pad support. Also, it’s extremely roomy, even fit three people in there a couple of times sharing sleeping pads. 

Efficiency: It’s lightweight enough for me to trek all day on a backpacking trip and still have the energy to set it up once we find camp. Keep in mind that I have not set it up in high winds, but I’ve heard the poles get a little shaky and it’s difficult to set up when trekking alone. 

Value: It’s priced at $99.50 at REI, I paid $88.50 because I used a coupon, but even for less than a hundred bucks this tent is completely worth it if you can put up a tarp shelter with ease.

Style: I love the look of this tent, especially when you go out into the woods even just for an all-day trip. You can pop up your Bug Hut, throw in some pads, and just relax and look up at the stars without worrying about bugs bugging you.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 9.30.35 AM


The cool part about this tent and that most others who purchased seemed to enjoy is that you can set up an A-frame tarp shelter over it and it essentially looks very innovative and creative. I personally didn’t like the fact that after I set up my tent I’d have to set up a completely different shelter incase of high winds or rain. So this tent became an all-day trip only tent or when I just want to sit in the backyard and gaze at the stars.

Pictured to the right is the bug hut pro under a super fly tarp set up which I really love and wouldn’t mind setting up if I always trekked during the day. Night treks and setting that up at night just seems like a pain for me. But for others, it’s no big deal.

So if that’s you, then by all means get this tent! Definitely recommend it!

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