Primus ETA Lite Stove System

Boiling hot water for oatmeal in Texas on a road trip to North Carolina.

“Boil water and cook 1-pot meals fast and efficiently with the Primus ETA Lite Stove System. Its pot attaches directly to the stove burner for great performance and convenience on backpacking trips” (

I’m a healthy eater at home and on trips. However, because I stick to lite packing, I don’t bring advance cooking pots and stoves to cook up a mean meal. So the Primus stove was perfect for me. When I’m backpacking, I stick to oatmeal and PB&J’s with a ziplock bag full of nuts and dried fruit.

It amazed me how fast it boils water. I literally walk away for maybe 3 minutes to do something else while it’s heating the water and I come back to see it almost overflowing. So definitely efficient.

Not only does it boil water extremely quick, but the pot also serves as a mug and as a more than frequent tea drinker, this was an extra plus! I went through the reviews posted on the REI website and someone said that the drink holder that surrounds the pot gets in the way when you want to drink out of the pot, it never got in my way or felt uncomfortable when drinking.

As far as the specs on the Primus: it has an auto ignition, and a burn time of 59 minutes and only weighs about 14.1 ounces so it is ideal for backpacking trips and works great when going on road trips so you don’t have to settle for unhealthy foods.

I definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a great, lite weight, functional stove system for backpacking trips or any trips really. 

I want to purchase a back up stove or even a second stove to bring on trips with me, can anyone recommend any lite weight stove system good for cooking up some coffee? Please let me know.


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