Just stop feeding them garbage!

Please watch this video from Nutritionfacts.org. I just think it is too simple for all these videos to even be necessary. Feed your kids vegetables, stop going through the drive-thru, don’t take the easy route and feed them processed meat, and just care about what’s truly going into your children’s bodies.

I’m not going to go too in depth with this posting, because I was going to try and stay away from posting “Nutrition-based” post, but so many people are ill-informed, naive, and just being completely tricked even by products that claim they have “No preservatives”. So I will be doing a post a week (sometimes bi-weekly) to keep you aware of what’s really going on. I will often link supporting videos from Nutritionfacts.org because I truly believe what Michael Greger, M.D. is doing is truly something great!

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