Vegan Miso Soup

So I was feeling like I was starting to get sick and remembered I picked up some rice noodles from Trader Joe’s the other day and thought why not make some soup. It was super last minute but prep/cook time was only 30 minutes!

So here’s the package of the noodles I bought from Trader Joe’s:


It is basically a bowl filled with a small packet of seasoning, oil, and rice noodles. A cup of noodle minus the GMO’s! The sodium is somewhat high, but if you use your own seasoning while making your broth and toss the packet then you’re good!

I’m always bad at measuring out how much of each ingredient I use because I’m just throwing things in and tasting it, until it’s great…


The great thing about the Trader Joe’s Miso Soup broth seasoning is that it will last a year in the fridge! Perfect for those who know they will only use it once in a while, but it taste great on salads too!


I let about 4 cups of water bowl (because I’m saving the broth for more soup later), added in rosemary flakes, garlic powder, pinch or two of salt, black pepper, cauliflower stems, kale, corn, paprika, and tofu (cut into cubes). Once it was done, hot, and tasted great, I poured desired amount over the noodles, covered it and let it sit for 2-3 minutes. Then added a tbsp of soy sauce and dug in! Enjoy!


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