Buy your Garbanzo Beans in Bulk!!

In my nutrition class the other day we were talking about legumes the entire class, and I had recently bout a few cans of organic garbanzo beans from Walmart for 88 cents each. Which I thought and still think is a pretty good deal if you don’t have time to soak and cook dried garbanzo beans at home.

But, if you do, you get a way better bang for your buck when you buy them in bulk!

I went to Sprouts to purchase my dry garbanzo beans, but I’m sure Winco may have them cheaper. Too bad Walmart doesn’t sell bulk foods! The garbanzo beans were $1.69 lb and I got 1.89 lbs and it came out to $3.19. It yield about 4 1/2 cans worth of garbanzo beans. So if you compare to just Walmart’s price of canned organic garbanzo beans and if you were to only get 4 cans, you’d still be saving 33 cents and getting a half more beans!

They’re so simple to make to, and don’t require much attention either!

I soaked mine in a big bowl of water for 24 hours, but you can even do it for only 12 hours.

Then I drained them well, put them in a huge pot and boiled until coked to the texture you prefer.


Drain once more and let them cool completely!


Serve and freeze the extras!


I know there’s a way to jar them up to where they keep their freshness for a few days, but they’ll last for a long time if you freeze them. And it doesn’t take much to just pop them out the freezer, thaw out, and heat.

Just browsed through my Facebook and saw this: “The Best Way to save money on Organic Food”

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