Oh She Glows: Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies (Vegan)


Waking up to a plate full of warm vegan cookies and a cup of cinnamon chai tea latte topped with pumpkin spice, there’s no better way to kick off the fall season!

I was browsing around the Oh She Glows website and saw this vegan chocolate cookie recipe and fell in love with the photos, they were just mouthwatering. And I’m sure you’re thinking, well do they even taste good…YES! The texture is amazing, a little crunch on the outside and nice and soft on the inside. And sprinkling a little fine grain sea salt on top brought out the amazing chocolate flavors.

I’m a college student, and I’m on a budget as is everyone else. But I don’t mind spend a few extra bucks for some baking ingredients because I save so much money by having a huge garden. But if you shop at the right store, you’ll save big on these amazing ingredients that’ll last for a long time for more vegan baking.

But the only thing I had to buy was the gluten free rolled oats, 85% dark chocolate bar, cocoa powder (because I was out), coconut oil (out of that also), and the fine grain sea salt.

Now I’m definitely going to go on a run, even though they are truly guilt-free, I just enjoy running! Enjoy!

Quick tip: Eating two handfuls of nuts is equivalent to jogging for 4 hours! Go buy some of those raw nuts!

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