Vegan Spicy Chili!

Rained a little today, and it’s been pretty gloomy all day too, so having some chili sounded perfect!

Used the Oh She Glows Vegan Chili Recipe. I didn’t make the sour cream, only because I never really liked sour cream on my chili even when I wasn’t a vegan. But I did top it with some fresh cilantro and chives from my garden! I also doubled her measurements because I needed more than just 4 servings. And added some serrano peppers from my garden for more of a spicy chili.


And I even made some vegan cornbread to go with it!

Vegan Chia Seed Cornbread Recipe:

-Trader joes boxed cornbread
-1/3 cup of olive oil
-1 tbsp of flaxmeal (w/ 3 tbsp of water, egg subst., let it thicken)
-2 tbsp of chia seeds
-1/3 cup of almond milk

This cornbread was sooo good, my little brother ate five pieces with his chili, and probably wishes he could of had more.

This is a perfect, quick, and easy recipe for those rainy days spent inside, while watching a good movie. Enjoy!

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