Cow’s Milk Protein & Constipation

Cow’s milk protein (CMP) has been causing constipation in children, and a study done shows that after just three days of not drinking cows milk, the constipation seized. And the children who were put back on cows milk, the constipation reappeared. Hm, should we be feeding our children cow’s milk?

Got your dairy today?

No thanks, I’ll stick with dairy free milk alternatives, they taste way better anyway.

I’ve met so many vegan children and they are healthy and happy without the milk of a cow.

Also, check out the video that inspired this post: Childhood Constipation and Cow’s Milk

This is a sensitive topic, so I don’t want to speak much on it, but the facts are there, the studies are there, the videos are there, we can survive and thrive and live healthier without Cow’s milk!

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