I’m not sure if I’m the only one who gets so excited about any recipe that calls for kale. I go crazy for kale, my favorite type of kale would have to be dino kale. Although, I’m starting to love cooking with red russian kale  too!

There’s no need to go into a discussion about the benefits of kale, because we all know that it is a SUPERFOOD! So eat your kale and eat however much you want. And if you think the only place to incorporate kale is in a salad, you are sadly mistaken. DSC_0542

I put kale on my sandwiches, chicken-less chicken sandwiches, wraps, stir fry, pizza, tofu scramble, soups, chili, almost all my meals (except the sweet ones) have kale incorporated in it. So it’s too easy to add kale to your meals to not meet your kale needs! And by all means, go overboard! Even snack on kale, make kale chips, throw them in a juice. When I’m working on the farm, I am always harvesting a bunch of kale to snack on. So do the same, wherever you go take kale! I may even name my first child Kale, I love it so much. :p

So here’s what you all have been waiting for, the recipe:

Prep/Cook time: 15-20 minutes


-dino kale (sliced into confetti size) DSC_0553


-whole wheat lavish bread (Trader Joe’s has an amazing price for like 6 of them in a pack)

-your favorite mariana sauce (Trader Joe’s also has an amazing vegan mushroom mariana)

-red onion DSC_0551

-olives (sliced)

-sun dried tomatoes

-jalapeños (optional)

  • Rip lavish bread in half and bake for 2-3 minutes on 400F
  • Add sauce, sun dried tomatoes, kale, onions, olives, mushrooms, and jalapenos.
  • Put back in the over for 5-7 minutes
  • Serve hot!


Super easy recipe, thanks to my nutrition professor for her original kale pizza recipe!

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