Chicken-less Chicken Sandwich (Vegan)

Thanks to Boca Burgers for making these delicious Chicken-less Chicken Patties. I’ve tried the original (featured here) and the spicy. I love to eat my sandwiches with lot of my own pickled jalapenos, so the spicy patty + jalapenos was just too spicy for me. So I stick with the original. I rarely eat processed foods, I love preparing things ahead of time and freezing them and getting them whenever I want them. Actually planning on making a bunch of cacao nib/banana buckwheat vegan pancakes soon (about 30-40 small ones) and freezing them so me and my younger brother will have them handy whenever we’re running late in the morning, that recipe will be posted this weekend sometime!


Here’s the list of items I used:

  • Dave’s Killer Bread (my all-time favorite bread, so hardy and healthy, and perfect for toast with a hazelnut, cacao spread topped with sliced bananas)!
  • Boca Burger Original Chick’n Patty
  • Organic Ketchup
  • Red Onions (sliced)
  • Dino Kale
  • Side of pickled jalapenos (here’s my recipe for pickling your own)!
  • Potato Wedges we cooked, made, and froze for days like these when you don’t feel like preparing a midday meal.

I love doing posts that’re college student friendly, meaning that even starving students can afford and make the time to make these meals. Some meals take more time, but sometimes you just have to stop trying to do so many things at once and focus on one thing, finish it, relax, and enjoy it. And cooking is perfect for that. Enjoy!



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