Tofu Scramble

DSC_0538 This amazing breakfast was made in less than 15 minutes, I was rushing to get ready for class and to make sure I had a hearty, healthy breakfast and I just saw the Organic Tofu in the fridge and instantly thought TOFU SCRAMBLE!

I didn’t write down everything I used to season the tofu, but I just cut up a few blocks, whisked them up like eggs and put a little pepper and cayenne on it and threw it in a tortilla.

I buy my tofu from Trader Joe’s for less than $2 bucks and tortillas are also less than $2 bucks, so either you spend about $5 and have enough tofu for about 10-12 tofu scramble tacos and other recipes, or you go buy a 20 piece chicken nugget from McDonald’s that you’ll devour in less than 10 minutes. Or Little Caesars, that’s always a healthy option!

Nourish your bodies, you have the power to eat the foods that power your bones, and keep your G.I. tract moving frequently.

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