Pumpkin Spice Vegan Latte

So I made this in a hurry because I needed to get started on dinner, but wanted something delicious with pumpkin in it. And everyone is always talking up Starbucks on their pumpkin spice latte, but what they aren’t talking about is all the calories that’s in it and how much cardio you’d have to do just to work it off. And we all know they wont be doing that much cardio or any at all. But sure, enjoy your Starbucks!


I’m so sad I didn’t measure anything out so I could give exact measurements, but I just warmed up my almond milk, threw everything in a blender, then took that blended mixture and heated it up over the stove in a sauce pain.

Topped it with some soy whip and pumpkin spice. Next time I’ll be sure to take note of my measurements. It was so good and filling without all the junk! 🙂


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