“Juicing” has always been about getting back in touch with your ultimate health, or rediscovering the way our digestive system works in truly powerful ways. When I first lost a lot of weight it was from juicing my fruits and veggies 3-4 times a day. But now, I have expanded my vegan cooking so much that I don’t do it so often. However, I am going to do at least one juice recipe every Sunday titled: SUPERFOOD SMOOTHIE SUNDAY!

With that said, I put juicing in quotes because I don’t actually juice my fruits and veggies, I refuse to use a juicer unless I’m just doing a fruit juice with no veggies! Here’s why: juicers separate the pulp-“the good stuff” from the actual meat of the fruit, and I want my pulp, and all the phytonutrients that tags along! So I use a blender, and it doesn’t have to be fancy. I actually swiped my grandmothers blender when I moved because it works so well. Don’t go out and buy a fancy blender if you already have a perfectly good one, even it’s it old.

However, if you’ve already gone out and bought a fancy juicer, don’t return it, use it, for when you just want some carrot juice, lemonade, orange juice, etc. But when you want to incorporate some veggies in there like spinach, all types of kale, lettuce, celery, etc. use a blender and make it a liquefied SUPERFOOD SMOOTHIE!


Here’s the ingredients:

– 2 Bananas (or 1, but I just love the taste of a banana smoothie)
– 1/4 c. frozen pineapples
– 1/4 c. wild blueberries
– 1/2 c. water
– 4-5 ice cubes
– 4-5 leafy dino kale leaves

*I usually blend it up good then liquefy it for a minute or so to rid of that thick, grassy consistency. And my juices are not too colorful because I do a variety of fruits and lots of leafy greens! Yields about 4 cups. I drink about 3 cups because I love SUPERFOOD SMOOTHIES!


So going a bit off topic, but this morning (before I had my SUPERFOOD SMOOTHIE) I cycled about 11 miles or so, up hill in 35 minutes. My legs were burning. But, it reminded me how much I enjoy it, that feeling, that feeling of accomplishment after you push yourself to go that extra mile. While I was cycling, I was listening to NPR: Ted Talk Hour about the Source of Creativity

I didn’t quite relate to it until the very last speaker; Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love. She talked about how the phrase “creative people” is so redundant because everyone is creative. We might not know or figured out or passions but we all have curiosities. And how we should follow our curiosities because it just might lead to our passion(s).

I wont get too deep into it, because I’d love for you all to watch it, but, what I instantly thought about was how after losing all the weight I became curious about nutrition. Started watching documentary after documentary, learning all about fad diets, how people are mislead, etc. When I started realizing how much money I would spend on food because I eat so many fruits and veggies, I became curious how I could save money. And that’s when I watched a Ted Talk on garden project in South Central LA.

Now, pay attention, here’s where it all starts to connect. I quit my job, a good job, to move back to my moms ranch, to start growing tons of food to feed family, friends, neighbors, and strangers. Started working at a local farm and began to converse with customers about nutrition and my love for growing my own food. Signed up for nutrition and horticulture classes at the nearby community college and my neighbor recommended a professor she had a semester earlier and I was lucky to get a spot in the class. But, I was even luckier to have a professor that was as passionate as I was about food! This is when my curiosities turned into my passions.

No matter how long it takes, or how far you may have to travel, or what you might have to leave behind, follow your curiosities, because it’ll lead you exactly where you’re suppose to be.

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