Afro-Vegan’s Grits with Greens

On October 24th I was lucky enough to see Bryant Terry sing, rap, cook, and talk about all the amazing things he’s doing for and with his community and all around the world. It’s truly a blessing to have people who are truly inspired to help others gain confidence with themselves, but also in the kitchen!


Bringing people together through cooking is a magical thing, it truly is.


So I’ve been eyeing the Grits with greens recipe every day since I bought the book. And I’ve never made grits before, but I’ve grown up eating them for breakfast on occasion. So I kept begging my mom to make some, so I can throw some collards on it!


This morning I got up at 530 to cycle, and during my entire ride I was thinking how I would wake my mom up to make grits for breakfast. So as soon as I got home, I knew she was awake because the dogs were outside. Walked in and there was grits on the stove top, as if she knew exactly what I was thinking about my entire bike ride.

Or she was just tired of me asking her to make them.

I love my grits with a pinch or two of sugar, so that’s the brown that you see in the picture around the greens! But overall, it was very tasty, a perfect combination between salty, sweet, and spicy (since I like my collard greens spicy). I will definitely have this a lot more throughout this holiday season.


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