Winter Rolls for those cold, rainy days

After days of looking at The Plant Strong Vegan‘s photos of her spring rolls on Instagram and her website, I just decided to use her recipe as inspiration and get whatever I had in the fridge and create a WINTER ROLL!

The peanut sauce is her recipe, which you can find here. I just added some kimchi that I got from The Cultured Kitchen at the Landpark Farmers market, to it, because I have fallen in love with the combination of flavors of kimchi.

DSC_0833I also thought about how spring rolls usually have raw, uncooked veggies rolled up in rice paper, but since it’s cold, and rainy outside, I need some heat, so I cooked my veggies then rolled them in rice paper and they came out great!


The right amount of spice, salty-sweet taste from the sauce and the warm feeling from the rolls was just the perfect combination. I will definitely start making more of these type of creations often since I have a whole pack of rice paper that I paid less than $2 for!


I want to do a series of these before posting the recipe, but if you cant wait to make them, just grab whatever colorful veggies you have in your fridge, grab the PB and rice paper and get cookin’!

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