I hated running, but, I think I like it now!

If anyone ever said I’d be a runner, I’d just laugh in his or her face. When running the mile at school was mandatory, I’d barely make it around once and I’d stop and walk. Once I’d start walking, I didn’t want to run anymore. I know I’m not the only one who was in this situation, there are probably plenty of you who are nodding your heads because this was you, or is you.

couch to 5kIf I think back to high school, if I can remember correctly, my mile time was close to 14 minutes. When I lost all the excess weight, I got it down to about 10 minutes without stopping, and going at a steady pace. This was a huge accomplishment for me; especially because running just wasn’t something I enjoyed doing. And you may be sitting there saying, “well who actually enjoys running”, I thought the same until I met all these individuals who run because they love running.

Long story short, it’s nearing the end of 2014. I’m a plant-based vegan, I love to cycle, grow my own food, and now I think I’m starting to love running. Not because it burns just as much fat as calories, even though that’s a huge bonus. But because it completely clears my mind, makes me feel limitless, and afterwards, I literally feel 10 pounds liter.

You’re probably wondering why I decided to write a post on running, but I just felt like sharing my thoughts since I ran my first 5k today in 25:50 and that’s my greatest accomplishment in a long time. To keep a steady pace for the entire time without stopping is just amazing to me. And the best part is that I’ll just keep getting better and better.

So to all of you who think they can even finish a mile, I challenge you to train in intervals for 2-3 weeks. Then run the mile. And repeat that for another 2-3 weeks and just go for it! At the gym, at a charity run, or around your neighborhood. Just go!!

And for those of you, who know they can do a mile with no problem, get out and run 3!! Let your mind be open and empty, and enjoy every second.

Remember to run at a steady pace, because we’re in the fat burning business! And we don’t need to count calories, because we thrive on plants!!

Upcoming races:


Sharmrock’n Half & 5K – MARCH 14TH & 15TH

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