New Farmers Market At Landpark!

Working on a farm is probably the best job I’ve ever had, not just because I get to be outside all day, but because I’m surrounded by nature and all its beauty, I get to work with all sorts of plants, harvest so many different varieties of plants, get my fingernails dirty and above all; learn something new everyday.


When I was living in the Bay Area, going to the Berkeley Farmers Market was what I looked forward to most the entire week. Not just going to get vegetables but to be able to converse with all the farmers made me even more excited about food and where it comes from. So to be able to work on a farm and now work at farmers markets every weekend is such a blessing.

landpark market

Preparing for a farmers market is not easy, especially when you’re a smaller, local farm with not many employees to help with the extensive labor. But, when you love what you’re doing, it’s all a fun ride. landpark market1

We take so many different vegetables & fruits to the markets, and we’re even starting to take plants and trees to sell as well. It’s awesome because we are “the little guys” at the market, and everyone knows it. So we embrace it and a lot of people come to our booth just to buy from us and support us and our farm.

It’s so much work that has to be done on a farm, it’s unbelievable all the work that needs to be done and doesn’t because the list is endless. That’s what I love about it, you never are just sitting around bored wondering what to do, because there’s always something to do. But, sometimes I just like to drive around in the Kubota with Bella and watch the birds fly around stealing little bites of fruit from the trees.

bella & i at work

So if you live nearby, come out to the Landpark Farmers Market every Sunday 9am-1pm and find us and we’ll give you a deal on some good fruit & veggies! We’re also going to start selling 4″ pots and flats of wheatgrass regularly, so come get it. Cats & chickens love it!!

wheatgrass flats

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