100 Days of Running: Day 3

I was recently inspired by a few friends to do 100 Days of Running. Since I’ve been frequently running anyway, I thought why not. It’s a lot harder to remember than to actually get out there and do it. And after 3 days, I’ve realized, the earlier I get it done, the more likely it will get done!

Today I didn’t get out as early as I would have liked to, but I enjoyed running in the sun. And I had company for once!!


Mr. Bodie is such a character, if he’s off the leash, he’ll follow me up to the canal, then once he realizes I’m going to run pretty far, he’ll turn around and go back home. Well, this time I left him on the leash and went at a steady pace since this was his first distance run.

We went four miles today in a little under 30 minutes. Which was great for me and even better for Bodie. He’s such a trooper! Once we got closer to home, and he realized it, he picked up the pace. After he got his water and caught his breath, he jumped in the back of my truck and plopped down.


Yesterday I did full body pull ups at the gym, so my core felt like it was ripping apart on the inside the entire way. I literally almost started to cry, but I pulled through all the way to the last leg.

I deserved something sweet afterwards, so I made a yummy, Oh She Glows Cheerful Chocolate Smoothie!

image2It called for 1/4 c. of avocado, and at first I was like, yeah, okay, I’m not putting avocado in my smoothie, but you can’t even taste it and you still get all the good fat, Vitamin K, and fiber it has to offer!! But, I definitely wasn’t just going to have a smoothie for lunch today after that run, I needed more! So I modified another recipe from her book, and made Garlic Roasted Brussel Sprouts & Fingerling Potatoes.

image1Covered in organic, HFC-free, ketchup of course!! So darn good and tasty.

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