Hun’s Greens & Black-eyed Peas Will Bring You Luck and Prosperity For The New Year!

For the last few months, I’ve been working closely with my amazing nutrition professor, Timaree Hagenburger, on a couple of my families most famous recipes and a article to go with it for the Lodi News-Sentinel. And on January 7 it was published, in color!! Perfect recipes to start you off on the right foot for the new year. These recipes promise to bring you luck and prosperity for the entire year and more.

Not too long after my article was published, my professor posted a copy on her website, and she also discovered it was re-posted on another bloggers website too!! This entire experience has taught me so much and has brought many blessings and will continue to do so. So i’m just hangin’ on for the ride.


It was so awesome to see my work in print and to know that other people may actually read it and try out the recipes. So please, if you do, email me and tell me what you think, what could be different, or any other recipes you’d like to see converted into an amazing plant-based meal.

To see a copy of the article on Lodi News-Sentinel website, click here.

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