It’s been a long time since my last posting, but school and work have taken over for the past four months.

But I’m back and plan on posting regularly from here on out.

Well, I will try.

Here’s a few updates since I’ve been away:

  1. I finished my last semester at community college last week and now I’ll be starting school in the fall at Chico State. Go wildcats!Chico-State
  2. My garden is up and running with over 12 zucchini/summer squash plants, tomatoes, herbs, sunflowers, cucumbers, corn, and a handful of unidentified volunteer plants. 
  3. I was awarded another horticulture scholarship from the SRVD. Ever little bit helps! Thank you so much! fitfarmer story
  4. I’m still cooking, making pre workout smoothies, juices, baking, and exploring all sorts of different vegan restaurants. 

So keep an eye out on more and more recipes and postings to come.

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