meeeI’ve been on a pretty wild adventure the past three years and it will only get wilder.

Lost a hundred pounds in a year from cutting out all fast foods, sugars, bad saturated fats, juicing and exercising. I changed my entire lifestyle to living naturally, eating healthy, and embracing natural remedies.

I started Scarlet’s Farm in honor of my aunt that passed away from lupus; she loved plants and experimenting with different types of food. All while not realizing I’d fall in love with not only growing my own food, but connecting with the universe through my soil.

The free organic veggies are just another plus.

My adventure wont stop here though; no matter where I go or end up, I will have seed and I will always grow my own food. And one day, if I ever stay grounded in one place, I’ll have my own goats, cows, chickens, orchard and garden, so I can completely live off my harvest.


5 thoughts on “About

      1. Okay, awesome, is the calendar on your blog?
        I will send you the questions in about an hour or so so I can get yours posted on my blog before the weekend is over! 🙂 I’m so excited for this to go live. Having others that back up your healthy eating habits would be perfect to ease the transition for others.

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