New Year, New Me?

Nope, same me. Just transforming and developing more recipes. I don’t know why I never got into cooking prior to now, and I will never understand why people don’t enjoy it. There’s no limits or possibility of failing, all you … Continue reading New Year, New Me?

Back in California!

The last few weeks I have been in a car road tripping from California to North Carolina to visit family. I didn’t bring my Macbook thinking I’d have no hot spot to connect to (not knowing my Aunt was bring hers to catch up on some work). So I’m behind on a bunch of post and have so many pictures to upload. So please stay tuned and be on the look out for some great gardening photos, yoga poses, and just good vibes. Thanks for all the support and love while I was away. ~Namaste ­čÖé Continue reading Back in California!

Pinecrest Backpacking Pt. II

Enjoyed another two days out at Pinecrest. It was filled with amazing people, awesome views, and chill vibes. The trek up and back was a lot faster this time around and I feel like my stamina┬áis high enough to go even further with less stops. Got to do some bouldering too! There’s just something about dangling from rock pockets with your fingertips putting all your trust in your bodies own strength.┬áEnjoy the photos!     Continue reading Pinecrest Backpacking Pt. II

Adventures at Pinecrest

Pinecrest was just the start of many adventures to come. I overcame a lot of fears on this trip; scaled a 12-15 ft boulder right above a rushing waterfall, climbing mountains and reached an elevation of 9,000, and for once just explored the beauty of the outdoors. The only problem was I had minimal gear, and I realized how important having the right gear (doesn’t have to be the most expensive and up-to-date), just the right gear to make it in the mountains and anywhere else that’s off the grid. I had no sleeping bag (it was freezing at night), … Continue reading Adventures at Pinecrest