Day 9: Greeting The Outdoors

I’ve never been the type of athlete to choose the gym over the outdoors.

I remember when I was 100 pounds overweight and I got my first gym membership, in hopes that would inspire me to go there and work out more. It inspired me more to utilize what was already placed there for me without a monthly cost. I would go to the local park and do pull-ups on the monkey bars. I would even dangle by my legs and do sit ups. I used the local trails to jog on, and even played a lot of basketball and softball to mix it up. I was huge, so I needed results fast, the gym wasn’t the answer for me. I needed something I could do just by walking out of the front door and walking there, and at that time, I was blessed to have that.

So now that I’ve lost all the weight and I’m actively running, everyday, I try to do it outdoors as much as possible, I don’t like the gym vibe, only because when I’m running if I don’t have my headphones, all I hear is guys grunting and making the weirdest noises. It’s not a relaxing, enjoyable run anymore.

Today, for my 9th day of running in this challenge, I got outdoors and ran along the canal, like I usually do, and enjoyed the birds, cows, goats, fish, and even bees. It’s the most calm moments of all my days. It’s a place where I feel one with everything around me and myself. It’s an indescribable feeling, but I encourage you to get out of the gym and take a nice jog in a mellow place (if you can), you’ll never want to drive to the gym again.


I’m starting to take it easy on these runs, only because running a 22-25 minute 5k everyday is not going to work for me right now. 🙂

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